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Why Sierra Foothills Village needs your gift today

Your gift assures that we are on the right track, supplying extra support to Western Nevada County seniors. COVID-19 has put extreme stress and pressure on our community's most vulnerable population. Help us continue to relieve the burden of grocery shopping, offering trips to the doctor, or simply making a friendly phone call to check in.

For Our Members

Staff coordinate with volunteers to provide a personalized circle of support with day-to-day needs and empower neighbor and community connections. More now, than ever before, our services are invaluable to our membersmany living alone and rural. Additionally, we receive appreciation from friends and family, living out of the area, for the comfort of knowing we are here for their loved ones.

This is a small excerpt from a beautifully hand-written letter from our member, Lou: 

. . . You have all been the most accommodating, fun and informative people to talk with  as well as offering needed help tailored to my needs. I would not sleep well without that help. Thank you so much for being here.

Emergency Preparedness and COVID-19 Response

Are you really prepared for evacuation, a power outage, sheltering-in-place or other emergencies? Sierra Foothills Village offers free online classes and a bag of helpful resources to all residents of the Nevada County community. As we age, being ready for an emergency or unplanned events is sometimes daunting and unsettling. Our staff coordinates with our amazing volunteers to offer personalized and tailored help to make sure the home has ample supplies to minimize shopping trips, To-Go bags are packed, important documents are scanned, secured and readily accessible and providing other preparation assistance.

For one of the attendees of our Emergency Preparedness classes, evacuation was real!

. . . I had been hearing it is important to prepare for a wildfire for years, but put it off – it always seemed very daunting and I didn’t know where to start. Sierra Foothills Village provided a great webinar and broke the process down into four easy steps. They even helped me set up the alerts on my mobile phone and demonstrated how to pack my Go Bag. I was evacuated shortly after the class and felt prepared.
Sierra Foothills Village provided 2,571 Emergency Preparedness awareness and training, go-bag tutorials, and mobile phone application support directly to our local community.

Matthew Banestoki, Volunteer
Barbara Ryan, Charter Member

Your donation directly helps with Volunteer training and retention. 

$25 pays for a handbook for a volunteer or a member
$50 helps cover volunteer training and appreciation costs, such as identification badges, specialty training and our volunteer recognition program

Give to support volunteer training and retention CLICK HERE 
Resources Portal and Events Calendar

We live in an amazing community! Don't let COVID-19 make the world small. Check out our webpage listings of Local Resources, Nonprofits and Agencies — available to provide additional support. Visit our Events Calendar for local concerts, lectures and other activities to enjoy, often for free or a small cost. Travel virtually by clicking on links to famous museums, art galleries and other attractions around the world!

Keeping our members digitally connected is more important than ever! Sierra Foothills Villages' tech-savvy staff and volunteers assist members with ZOOM, YouTube and web browsing. 
Your donation directly helps with connecting our members to the digital community.

$100 supports development of online “distanced” classes and events for all community members
$250 covers much of the cost of a tablet or small computer to connect a member to email, zoom and the community

Give to keep our members connected to our community CLICK HERE 
To Pay Our People

Have you ever had to work through a long crisis? Executive Director, Valarie Bush and Office Manager, Wendy Banestoki work long hours from home to assist our members with the strains of sheltering-in-place and the social isolation that has resulted.

When a member needs guidance or assistance, Valarie and Wendy work with our volunteer and provider community to find the ideal match.

Together, they restructured the Village computer systems to enable member/volunteer connections to happen more easily and routinely. With information readily accessible, they coordinate and collaborate with other community organizations to find solutions to our member's needs. They make it easy to stay connected to this caring community and offer the best services.

    Valarie Bush, Executive Director

   Wendy Banestoki, Office Manager

$500 supports our Executive Director and Office Manager, who give generously of their time and helping spirit

A gift of any amount is tax-deductible, will make you feel good and will combine your generosity with others to make a powerful impact in our community.

Give to support our dedicated staff CLICK HERE 
There are several ways to give; check, Paypal, credit card, or a budget friendly monthly-giving plan!

We can do this --together!

Sierra Foothills Village - P.O. Box 1010, Nevada City, CA 95959 (530) 205-3326
Email: ID#38-4028858