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Limitations of Volunteer Services

  • During this unusual time with the concerns of spreading the COVID virus, we are limited on providing selected types of support.  Safety for both the member and the volunteer are of utmost importance. We respect and comply with social distancing requirements and the use PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as masks and sanitizing sprays and cleaners. Please understand if we are not able to accommodate your request at this time.
  • Next day rides are very difficult to fill; we highly recommend minimum of 3 business days advance notice. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide same day rides.
  • Members must be able to transfer in and out of a car for any rides with volunteers. When deemed necessary, a care giver must accompany members to provide support.
  • Requests should not exceed 2-3 hours. Garden/yard work is limited to 1 hour.
  • Volunteers will not be able to provide any back-breaking, heavy lifting/moving or unsafe requests. For example, climbing the roof to clear out leaves, cutting down trees, using power tools, etc.
  • Services requiring a license must be completed by paid professional provider. For example, major electrical work, plumbing, contracting, care-giving, etc.
  • When the requests are outside the scope of volunteer capacity, we can assist members in finding a professional provider to perform the services for a fee.
Volunteers cannot perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL).  All members are expected to be able to perform basic functions such as bathing, dressing, toileting, getting up from chairs, getting into and out of cars without assistance, managing continence, feeding, using the telephone, responsibility for own medications, managing finances, etc. If a member needs assistance in these areas, we can direct to appropriate resources.

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