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Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteers make an immeasurable difference in the lives of others. Often times, they perform with the core intention of helping others. But did you know that volunteering can benefit your own health as well?

Mayo Clinic did research attempting to measure the benefits that volunteers receive including positive feeling referred to as helper’s high, increased trust in others and increased social interaction. In their article: Helping people, changing lives: The 6 health benefits of volunteering they discuss how volunteering offers many health benefits, especially for older adults.

  • Staying active – physically, mentally and socially 
  • Choosing when you want to help in real time
  • Connecting with others and feeling part of our community
  • Sharing talents, skills and putting capabilities to good use
  • Watching members thrive with your help!
  • Paying it forward – building a strong tradition of volunteering so this support is in place when you need it

Volunteering Benefits

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