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Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you need to be to join? 
You can be any age if you meet our eligibility requirements. Usually people join who are 50 or above. 

Can I buy my parents or someone else a membership? 
Yes, you can give a gift membership to your parents or to anyone else. First, he or she will need to apply and be invited to join the Village.

Why should I join if I’m active and healthy right now?  
We have members who have joined who do not yet need services but want peace of mind and a safety net. These same people also appreciate the social aspects, such as attending events, hearing about timely social activities or making new friends. And they are using our one phone number to call to receive personalized referrals for all kinds of services, whether it’s a plumber, an accountant, a driver or a massage.  Discounts and savings will be a future benefit.  

“We hadn’t used any services until my wife was discharged from the hospital.
I so appreciated the personal help and referrals I received arranging for home health professionals,
someone to cook and be with her so I could go back to work.”

How does Sierra Foothills Village’s service work?
When you call Sierra Foothills Village for advice or a referral, our staff immediately responds. If you need a volunteer, we use our software to arrange for a volunteer to fill your request. 

If we or our volunteer sees that more than a volunteer is needed to fill the request, we will provide you with the names of several professionals who can accomplish the work for you. Once you’ve made a choice, we can even help make the appointment. To assure the quality of the providers, we ask every member to evaluate the service they received. 

Do I have to become a volunteer when I join? 
No, but volunteering is welcome. We have a few members who are also volunteers. Numerous volunteers have told us that they love what they are doing, see how well it works and won’t hesitate to become a member when the time is right.

What if I need something that is not on the list of provided services? 
Call Sierra Foothills Village for anything and everything. We will work with you to find a solution for your needs. 

If there is an emergency, how do you help? 
Sierra Foothills Village is not an emergency response service. We will do everything we can to help you be prepared for emergencies by making a plan personalized for you. During an emergency, members should call 911. One of the reasons we ask members to have trusted contacts is so they will contact us should anything happen to you. Sierra Foothills Village can help with follow-up needs at home. 

I have a chronic illness. I am fairly independent but expect to need more assistance with transportation and grocery shopping. Someday I may need to have someone live in my home to help me.  Can I still join Sierra Foothills Village? 
Yes, you can still join Sierra Foothills Village. Volunteers can assist you with transportation and with grocery shopping. If you need full-time assistance, Sierra Foothills Village can refer you to home healthcare professionals or agencies that specialize in this area. 

I live on a fixed income and am not sure I can afford membership fees. Does that mean I can’t join? 
If it is a burden to pay your membership dues in one lump sum, you can pay by the month, using a check or credit card. Please let us know what your finances are so we can look for solutions. In the meantime, we provide a wealth of information that is free on our public website.

How do I know that the Village works? Of course, you could meet and ask any of a member or volunteer for a first hand testimonial. We are also part of a 20 year-old national “village” movement. There are more than 400 villages in 45 states. We have 65 in California. Villages have been studied by the University of California, Berkeley School of Social Welfare. Research indicates that villages are accomplishing what they have set out to do. The Village Movement has been liberally covered by the press and in books.

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